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About Us
Development process

Formerly named as "Weihai Carpet Woolen Spinning Mill". (1982)
Specialized in producing carpet wool yarn
The foreign tufted machines was introduced in 1985, open the first company of machine-made carpet in China.(1985)
The brand name-SHANHUA was registered with the State Bureau of Industry, and Commerce in 1987.(1987)
In 1988, Shanghua Won the provincial advanced enterprise And became a grade-2 enterprise of China.(1988)
It was first introduced from England and Belgium into China in 1989 production lines of Axminster knited carpet and Wilton looms carpets respectively.(1989)
The company received the National First Grade Enterprise Certificate in 1990.(1990)
Weihai Shanhua Carpets Group Company was established in March 1992.
Weihai Huabao Carpets Co.Ltd一a joint venture with Hong Kong Tai Ping Carpets lnternational Limited.(1992)
In 1993, Founded Weihai Shanhua Sino-foreign joint venture.(1993)
Won the first "shandong famous brand" title ,then the four consecutive won "Shandong famous brand" title.(1994)
Shanhua Carpets Group was the first carpet company in China to be certified by Wools of new Zealand in November 1995.
The national tufted carpet industry conference. which was sponsored and organized by" Shanhua Group. was held at Weihai in 1995.
Introduce PP filament production line, the realization of the se1f supporting PP filament.(1995)
Won the first "Shandong famous trademark” for three years after won the "Shandong famous trademark.(1997)
Weihai Shanhua Carpets Co., Ltd. was established in 1998,which was the company restructured. Combining the rug is evaluation as “the Chinese carpet industry
first brand”.(1998)
Combining carpet group become the founding anniversary exhibition ChengJiuZhan only carpet enterprise
Shauhua Carpets Group was appointed as the only carpet sponsor at the 34th Worth Gymnastics Championship held in Tianjin in 1999
Weihai Shanhua Premier Carpets Co.,Ltd.- a joint venture subsidiary was established in 1993
carpet tiles was introduced.(1999)
Shanhua Carpets Group was awarded the ISO 9001 certification in 2000.(2000)
Shanhua was appointed as the only carpet sponsor at the 21st Universiade 2001 BeiJing China.(2001)
Set up a joint venture company weihai mountain flower carpet material Co.. LTD.
And New Zealand wool bureau, the WeiDa (former dupont). honeywell (former BASF), the United States solutia, 3M international raw materials suppliers form long-term
strategic cooperation partners.
The company fully into new CIS system, opening new trademarks.(2002) 
Won the Chinese "international environmetal carpet" anthentication.(2003)
Combining new industrial park and 600 nm of r&d formally started building construction.
Introducing color printing carpet production line.(2004)
Shanhua was crowned the first “China Well-known Trademark" of carpets industry in China in June. 2005
Won the "international environmental carpet" certification, the United States CRI indoor air quality anthenication.
Elected the Chinese arts and crafts association of professional committee of the carpet President of units.(2005)
In 2006, Shanhua was awarded as Shandong’s Famous Export Brand.
The first carpet company who won the America CRI PLUS Indoor Air Quality Certification.(2006)
In 2007, Shanhua won the China’s Most Valuable Brands 500, as the only selected carpet company.(2007)
In 2008, Shanhua was certificated as the Technology Center of Shandong Province by Shandong province economy and trade commission.
Shanghua achieved the National AAAA Enterprises of Standard and Good Conducts certificate.(2008)
In 2009, Shanhua was included to the China’s Most Valuable Brands 500 list, first time for China’s carpet brands.
The chairman of the board was elected as The Leader of China’s Trademark Strategic Innovation of 2009.
Shanhua won China’s Trademark Strategic Innovation Award.(2009)
In 2010, Named on the China’s Most Valuable Brands 500 list for a second time with the brand value of 3.626 billion, ranking at 468.
Shanghua repeatedly won the prize of the Iconic Brand of China’s Carpet Industry.
building Shanhua Taihe Fu started.(2010)
In 2011, Shanhua was included to the China’s Most Valuable Brands 500 list for three consecutive times with a brand value of 1.755 billion, increased by 0.516    
billion, moving up by 12 places.
Shanhua hot-spring showroom was put into use, which is the most professional carpet showroom in Asia.(2011)
In 2012, Shanhua won the prize of the Iconic Brand of China’s Carpet Industry for three consecutive times.
Included to the China’s Most Valuable Brands 500 list for four consecutive times with the brand value of 2.215 billion increasing by 0.46 billion and our rank    
moved up 7 places.
Became a China’s clothing and textile independent brand as a core company to be tracked and cultivated.
Shanhua Carpet Marketing Limited Company was established.(2012)
In 2013, Shanhua was continuously included to the China’s Most Valuable Brands 500 list for five consecutive times with the brand value of 2.236 billion increasing by 0.421 billion, and our rank moved up 16 places.
Listed as the enterprise under AA Class Enterprises Management by Qinghai Customs.
Shanhua was listed as the top 100 of China’s light industry in 2012.
Weihai Shanhua Junfang Home Decoration Limited Company was established(2012)
On March 25th, 2014, with high attention and full expectation from the entire trade, GreenStep Asia Awards were revealed in E7 China’s Wood Flooring Fine Hall. Witnessed by the industry leaders, insiders and Medias both at home and abroad, eventually, Shanhua carpet Group Company received the reviewer’s recognition and won the top prize of GSAA 2014 Green Year, for its excellent performance in adopting green produce materials, clean production, energy preservation, green marketing and the superb after-sales service.
On 25th, March, in Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel, the World Brand Lab released the list of the China’s Most Valuable Brands 500. And Shanhua was named on the list for four consecutive times with the brand value of 3.526 billion RMB, ranking at 426.
On 28th June, in Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Center, Brand Observer magazine and China Brand Research Institute released the list of the 2014-2016 Iconic Brand of China’s Industries. Shanhua as an industry leader was named on the Iconic Brand of China’s Carpet Industry list for five consecutive times.(2013)



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